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As part of our Quality Assurance procedure, in order to improve our future service where possible, we request clients to take a few moments to comment on their opinion of the service we have provided. The following are examples of recent responses:

Mr & Mrs T, Pudsey

Initial discussions:
"Staff were helpful whilst I asked for quotation and clear and efficient when I telephoned back."

"Excellent presentation/useful photographs."

General content:
"Level of detail the surveyor went into is most satisfactory. In particular he did as I requested and commented substantially on roof void."

Mr E, St Albans

Initial discussions:
"Very thorough with a good knowledge of the subject - gave me confidence in Knight Grindrod."

"A good summary highlighting key areas. The body of the report was detailed and well presented with lots of photographs."

General content:
"I asked specifically that you look at one potential problem area - you did this well. The general content of the report was thorough and in depth."

General comment:
"I thought you gave me a very good service, and I was pleased to receive your recommendation from our estate agent."

Mr & Mrs D, Normanton

General Comment:
"An excellent service and fully detailed report. Thank you."

Initial Discussions:
"You made every effort to make it easy for me to meet you at the house.

"The people I am buying from were amazed at its dept of content! (compared to theirs). It was v thorough."

Any Improvements:
"No, and thank you for answering all my questions on the phone too."

Ms A, Pudsey

Initial discussions with admin staff:
"I spoke to two other firms on the same day and your administration staff gave me by far the best and most detailed replies to my initial enquiries."

Presentation of report:
"The presentation exceeded my expectations"

Mr S, Leeds 8

Presentation/general content of report:
"Excellent presentation - clearly set out... very comprehensive with good advice for both the present and future"

Mr S, Tadcaster

Initial discussions with admin staff:
"Staff were extremely helpful and informative."

Presentation/general content of report:
"Very professional, efficient and clearly laid out... clear and concise"

Mrs R, Liverpool

Initial discussions with admin staff:
"I found a quotation for £20 cheaper but decided to go with yourselves because of your member of staff's professional manner"

Speed of service:
"I spoke with your member of staff on the Friday, received the documentation on the Saturday, rang with my payment details Monday and received the completed report on Friday. Very speedy - thank you."

Any Improvements:
"I just wanted to say I also appreciated being able to talk to the surveyor about the report, who called me back the same afternoon."

Mr P, York

Initial discussions with admin staff:
"Very helpful conversation with your staff member who explained the different types of survey you offer."

Presentation and quality:
"Both electronic and paper versions were clear, well laid out and easy to follow.

General content:
"Very helpful and comprehensive. Conversation with surveyor very helpful too."

Speed of service:
"Just over a week from start to finish!"

Any Improvements:
"No, Iím impressed!"

Mr A, Castleford

Speed of service:
"The speed of service was great. I really expected it to take a lot longer and was surprised when the report back to us so quickly."

Mr R, Leeds

Initial discussions with admin staff:
"Very helpful & understood my needs."

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